OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM THE FOUNDING MEMBER Paws from Heaven was birthed as Aiding Simba – Simba is our mascot. Even though it became obvious with many infections and the struggle to survive, Simba sadly crossed the bridge after 9 months of a good life, or the best we could give him. Paws from heaven is a no-kill SANCTAURY. We are the first of its kind in SA. What this implies is as follows: We work with severely constrained felines. We provide a haven for momma cats to give birth (only if we do not have any constraints in the colony), and the kittens go up for adoption; however, if momma is healthy and properly integrated, she may go up for adoption as well. Shelters are pro-life, as with the sanctuary, we learn to understand the many constraints that may be within the feline, either physical, emotional, psychological, the list goes on. We hand the best life experience we can, inclusive, food, water, shelter and the needed human interaction. The difference between Paws From Heaven and other pro-life shelters is the following, we do not have kennels, the felines are free-roaming, meaning they are part of our daily life. Many questions are rising due to an unfortunate incident at a well-known rescue center, as to why appointments need to be made. As stated, all felines roam free, no kennels, completely integrated into a household with whatever their constraints may be. As running a home, with a young child that has just started school, much needed vet trips, trying to keep such home semi presentable – anyone of the public are more than welcome to visit Paws from Heaven with the above in mind. We change 23/26 litter boxes every morning and every night, there are set eating times, and some felines will not enter the house with a “stranger” visiting. We have felines that need to be medicated at times, and with the already distrust of strangers it becomes a struggle to find them (we all know well they can hide in plain sight). Paws from Heaven aim to integrate all felines that come into the home, however at times the quality of life does come into question. This is where we take a hard and informative decision based on professional advice. Paws from Heaven is open to information on our local vet, our local food supplier, all information about any constraints answered to the best of our ability. Our colony is currently 40 cats, ranging from age 18 years to 3 months. If you feel the need to experience the joy of being surrounded by previously abused cats, or simply a cat lover – know that you will be covered in fur, know that you may have the odd smell of a stool movement, and know that you may walk into the house, with cats that have marked their territory. All animals are sterilized by age 4/6 months, a none-negotiable in our sanctuary. Even though Paws from Heaven sanctuary is young, we have 27 years of knowledge with rescuing the impaired. Feel free to contact us directly on mail, via messenger, or telephonically. All information is listed on our page. Many Blessings Shuveny (Founder of Paws From Heaven)


Home visit (within reasonable area)

Home Visit Service:

We offer home visits to "communicate" with your feline, help with integrations and general advice on behavior within reasonable driving distance at a small fee to cover petrol expenses. We do not claim to be "professionals", above any medical practitioner, however can assist with issues before it reaches a medical requirement. To contact us, kindly use the email provided or the Aiding Simba page on face book


Visit On-line-shoppe

Paws can cater for the "special" needs cat lover and sometimes, dog lover even dragon lovers out there. We are blessed to have a creative team with us, that supplies Paws with the most incredible items. Kindly visit the On-line shoppe, please note that pictures can be sent to us and requested pricing and ability to manifactor.

creative ways to administer medication

Tired of being clawed to pieces?

In our many years of rescue we have reached a process of administering medications in very creative ways. Should you need some advice, drop us a mail, or request a visit - we gladly help in any way we can.