Sponsor Program Please visit us on AIding Simba https://www.facebook.com/aidingsimba/ We have currently 44 cats in our care - we cater for what is classed as special needs. It can be anything form anxiety disorders, physical constraints, the emotional beahviour issues. We pride ourselves in having knowledge gained over 27 years in rescue, and assist where and how we can. One cat sponsored for one month secures food and continual support going forward
I know it is Monday, and I know many do not want to hear soppy and sad on a Monday morning. I also know, many of the rescue organisations are crying, HARD, SAD SOBS, falling to the earth, heart breaking experiences… Right, We have had gastric issues from December last year, we managed to pull some of the babies through, literally BABIES… I woke up in poop,, gone to bed with poop, poop everywhere… (sounds like the house was a mess), but one only want mommy when one is that sick – and human mom dealt with the issues as best she could. This meant that we had to change foods, and the expenses were more than what was coming in. We managed, we have a couple of babies sponsored – thank you, however, our reality is so severe that I will explain it in simplistic terms – After this gastro, constant gastro for weeks, and meds, and vet visits, and babies crossing the bridge, we had the sniffles, thank the universe we pulled them all through, however, the ferals we cannot get to administer the penicillin, this means that once again the foods have “gone up” as now we had to feed everyday in hope that they get some in. We still sit with hectic sneezing, and some couching… Then we had eye infections, which is still doing the rounds, and again it means that we have to spend money on, veterinary approved eyedrops, cotton wool, tea bags for washing – it all adds up. Besides our vet bill, that is sky high, we need FOOD the most right now. Our supplier is either Royal Canin direct – why? Because the last thing we need is gastro to return, we mix it up with Ideal, which stretches, 25 kg of dry food to almost two weeks – total for this is about R1 400, We need your help please… our tiny felines are looking at empty bowls soon if there is not a miracle somewhere. Lovingly sponsored from SORBET Lifestyle Crossing, we have two hampers up for grabs, valued at R400 each. This will also be at Wodac, for this “lucky” draw, at a price of R50… Choose any number between 1-100 buy your ticket, go in the draw, this will be extended until month end – we give a something BACK to you!!! Email your POP to [email protected], with your “chosen number”
Purrring morning to you all, Please share our plea as wide as you can, due to unforeseen situations, we are experiencing sniffles in the colony – we have a wish-list PLEASE! Any cents towards our amazing vet, with a rising vet bill every week (direct banking details available) Pegasus brand for sniffles/kennel cough (R140 a bottle/one day) Any foods now that have a STRONG fish smell – when cats can’t smell they don’t eat ☹ F10 – washing beds, food-bowls, water-bowls Hot water bottles if you have any to spare –