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About Us

What Makes Us Care About Cats?

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. Let me introduce you to Shuveny Bower. This is our proud and needed "Someone". The saying is so relevant to Paws from Heaven. As an organisation, they came about when Simba arrived in December 2017. A kitten with leg paralysis. Rescued from horrendous circumstances. He required someone with the heart, soul, and dedication required for this special case. 

The aiding Simba page was created to help with raising funds for Simba. Due to popular demand, the Aiding Simba movement was registered as an NPO under the name Paws from Heaven. Simba earned his wings on the 6 June 2018. However, this did not mean the end of a legacy but rather the beginning of one. Paws from Heaven was the very first establishment to aid and facilitate aswell as rehabilitate abused, abandoned and special needs cats and kittens. A safe, loving environment that caters to each cat's special needs. Some of the cats can be rehomed but some are so shy , have special needs or are so reticent about human connection that they just cannot be rehomed. 

This is where Paws from heaven comes in. They are all free roaming at the sanctuary which doubles as Shuveney's home. We all know cats are gods and expect to be treated as such. At this unique rescue they are. Even when their angel wings are to be earned Shuveney holds and comforts each precious soul through these moments so that they are not alone or scared. With an amazing vet that does house calls for this special colony. 

How can you help? Donations of cat toys, bowls, F10, blankets, tins or bags of food or sponsorships of a specific cat. See the facebook page Aiding Simba. Monetary donations can be deposited into Paws Absa savings account 99277 633 817 Remember as a business that all donations to a charity/ NPO are tax deductible. So please help "the someone" who is willing and able to do what everyone knows someone should do. Making this world a better place one little soul at a time.


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We cater for what is classed as special needs. It can be anything form anxiety disorders, physical constraints, the emotional beahviour issues. We pride ourselves in having knowledge gained over 27 years in rescue, and assist where and how we can. One cat sponsored for one month secures food and continual support going forward

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Team of Professionals

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Shuveny Bowers


Mrs. Bower is the founder of Paws From Heaven that was founded on 29 January 2017. Aiding, rehabilitating abused, abandoned and special needs cats and kittens.
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Dr Pauline Smith


Dr Pauline qualified from Onderstepoort (University of Pretoria) and has practised small/companion animal medicine and surgery both in South Africa and the UK
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Nontando (Nomsa) Khupe

Assistant To The Founder

Mrs. Khupe assists the founder when she can and helps out at events and social gatherings to help support and organise these events.


Home visit (within reasonable area)
Home Visit Service:
We offer home visits to "communicate" with your feline, help with integrations and general advice on behavior within reasonable driving distance at a small fee to cover petrol expenses. We do not claim to be "professionals", above any medical practitioner, however can assist with issues before it reaches a medical requirement. To contact us, kindly use the email provided or the Aiding Simba page on face book
Visit On-line-shoppe
Paws can cater for the "special" needs cat lover and sometimes, dog lover even dragon lovers out there. We are blessed to have a creative team with us, that supplies Paws with the most incredible items. Kindly visit the On-line shoppe, please note that pictures can be sent to us and requested pricing and ability to manifactor.
creative ways to administer medication
Tired of being clawed to pieces?
In our many years of rescue we have reached a process of administering medications in very creative ways. Should you need some advice, drop us a mail, or request a visit - we gladly help in any way we can.


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